June 11, 2019

Profits for an entrepreneur rise by 5.5% with an education. Becoming effective, knowing the market, and driving success are keys for financial success. There are those who would tell you that experience is enough. However, a strong educational background gives you access to a powerful knowledge base. These are some examples of how you can apply the tools you learn from a solid education to your business.

Education Gives You More Options

You are not going to get anything done if you know little about your industry. By having a degree in a related field, people are more likely to take a second look at you. While many schools are different, degrees are meant to be a standardized form of mentorship across all areas. You are more likely to hire an accountant with a degree as opposed to someone who tells you he or she has the experience. By extension, people are more likely to take your coding startup seriously if you have a degree in a computer-related field. A college degree also teaches you a lot of applicable skills that you might not be able to learn elsewhere.

Education Creates Connections

When you go to college, you are likely to make some friends. Whether those people are your fellow students or professors, the friends involved in your mentorship are excited to see you grow. Making connections is an important step in establishing your startup. In fact, connections are one of the reasons Daymond John calls education the “key to success.” Cramming a bunch of future financial advisors, biochemists, and lawyers into the same space is a lot of talent. Even those seeking similar degrees have a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. These are experiences that you don’t have. These people can provide you with anything from a new perspective to a new business partner.

Education Gives You New Experiences

According to the Association of American Colleges & Universities, many people make the mistake of going to college for one reason—to get a better job. You already know that college brings many types of people together. These people often get to do things that they normally wouldn’t have done without college. Studying abroad and internships are a few good examples. These unique experiences can add more dimension to your business. Startups need those with strong educational backgrounds to bolster the knowledge behind the scenes. With a general business degree, they are introduced to the idea of critical thinking and leadership strategies. These experiences and resources are necessary to ensure awareness of the best practices to ensure success in your startup. An important part of starting a business is establishing a solid brand identity. Are you struggling to develop one? Let us help you.